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A Pledge Made and a Pledge Fulfilled. John Blamey, center, Medomak Valley Community Foundation President accepts the final portion of a $20,000 donation for the Waldoboro Community Project from (l to r) Stephen Ralph, Rick Erickson, Helen Eugley, and Ronald Ralph. Stephen and Rick own Ralph’s Homes, while Stephen and Ronald Ralph own Ralph’s Chevrolet. Helen Eugley, retired as a part owner of Ralph’s Chevrolet, is still involved in the business.

MVCF Press Releases


June 16, 2008
Medomak Valley Community Foundation
Contact: John Blamey, President
Tel. 975-1563 email: info@themvcf.org

Waldoboro, Maine – John Blamey, President of the Medomak Valley Community Foundation, announced that, “Work on Phase I of the Waldoboro Community Project will begin this summer. This phase includes an additional Little League field, a new Babe Ruth League field, and a youth soccer field overlaid on the outfields of the two baseball diamonds in the fall. The success of the Community Project demonstrates what our community can achieve by working together as we moved from a vision to reality.”

Blamey continued, “The start of construction is great news for the families of our community. The additional fields significantly enhance the successful programs that serve our growing number of youngster who want to participate in team sports.”

Blamey added, “Although our fundraising campaign has been very successful through the generosity of community leaders like the Ralph and Erickson families, we still need financial support to complete this project. Therefore, this summer, the Foundation is launching its Heading for Home Challenge. This is a direct-mail campaign, and our goal is to reach all Waldoboro residents and seek their support of our young people. To jump-start the campaign, three donors will jointly match the first $25,000 donated to the campaign. This means every dollar donated will bring an additional dollar into the campaign fund.”

In appreciation for donations, the Foundation’s Board is offering commemorative t-shirts and baseball caps for various donation levels. In addition, each donation of $25 earns the donor a chance to win four tickets to the New England Patriots – St. Louis Rams football game on Sunday, October 26, 2008; including a limo ride to and from Foxboro Stadium. The details about gifts and the Patriots’ ticket raffle are contained in a brochure that will be mailed the week of June 23rd.

In closing, Blamey said, “I know these are challenging economic times, but I think we can agree that supporting our children and grandchildren is a very worthwhile investment. Phase I of the Community Project begins a complex that will serve everyone in our community.”

The Medomak Valley Community Foundation is a Maine 501 (c) (3) non-profit corporation. Details about the Waldoboro Community Project and the Foundation are available on-line at www.themvcf.org. Donation forms are available on-line, as well as via the mail, or by contacting John Blamey at 832-7761. Mailed donations to the Foundation at P.O. Box 1246, Waldoboro, ME 04572, or drop them off at any of Waldoboro’s community banks. Please see the campaign brochure for details.