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MVCF Press Releases


Waldoboro, Maine - Cheerleaders from Medomak Valley High School donated $500.00 to the Medomak Valley Community Foundation's Waldoboro Community Project. The donation is part of the proceeds earned from hosting a local "Cheers From The Heart" competition at Medomak Valley High School in February.

Cheers From The Heart was held in several places to help the cheerleaders raise money to support national and local charities, while also providing an opportunity to share their passion for the sport. The Waldoboro event included 13 schools competing in Middle School, Junior Varsity and Varsity categories. The host teams receive a portion of the profits to donate to a charity in their community.

The Waldoboro Community Project is a fund raising campaign to develop a recreation and community center complex on Town-owned land behind Miller Elementary School. Private donations will finance the bulk of this project, in a phased development plan. The Foundation is currently raising money to complete Phase I of the Project; the construction of additional youth athletic program fields for Little League, Babe Ruth, and youth soccer.

John Blamey, President of the Medomak Valley Community Foundation stated, "It is very rewarding to receive a donation for the Project from the young people in our community. The Community Project places a special emphasis on youth programs and facilities; therefore, having our young people support our efforts is very heartwarming and reinforces our commitment to make the Project a success."

Linda Vannah, Medomak Valley High School Varsity Cheerleading Coach, stated, "I am very proud of the teams and their commitment to make this event a success, as well as, their support for this important local project. In addition, I want to thank all the parents who worked very hard to help the teams achieve their goals, and make this donation possible."