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MVCF Press Releases


The First National Bank of Damariscotta has pledged a capital donation in the amount of $30,000 to the Medomak Valley Community Foundation's Waldoboro Community Project. Daniel R. Daigneault, President and CEO of The First, presented the check to a group of Foundation board members in the Bank's Waldoboro office last week.

"The First applauds the vision of this ambitious, community-enhancing project. We are very happy to present this lead gift to the Medomak Valley Community Foundation in support of recreational facilities that will promote youth development, healthful activity, social interaction, and community pride in the heart of our banking service area," state Daignault.

John Blamey, President of the Medomak Valley Community Foundation, shared the organization's multi-year project development plans for the 22-acre site in Waldoboro. Blamey explained that the most immediate recreational needs, labeled "Phase One" of the Project, call for the creation of two new baseball fields that also supports a field for youth soccer. After Phase One is completed, two additional phases are planned to establish additional outdoor recreational facilities and ultimately, the construction of a community center building. The Foundation's board of directors has assembled a core fundraising committee that will first focus on raising the $700,000 needed to complete Phase One. Details for a Summer Fun raffle will be announced to the public soon.

"As we prepare to formally launch our fundraising campaign, The First has stepped up to the plate with a generous lead gift," said Blamey. "We hope the Bank's solid endorsement of our plan signifies the first of many corporate grants. Thanks to The First for affirming our mission."

The Medomak Valley Community Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing health and creating social and recreational opportunities for all children and adults in the region. For more information about the Medomak Valley Community Foundation's Waldoboro Community Project, contact John Blamey, President, at 832-7761.