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P.O. Box 1246
Waldoboro, ME 04572-1246

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Aerial View of the Waldoboro Community Project Site

Project Overview

The Waldoboro Community Project is a comprehensive design, construction, and infrastructure plan to enhance recreation and community facilities in the Town of Waldoboro. The concept of the Project is the three phased development of a recreation complex and community center on town-owned land behind the Miller School in Waldoboro. The project is the result of six-years of development work by a volunteer committee. Implementing this plan is a goal of the Community Foundation.

Join us in building a better community for today and the future. Please consider a donation to the Waldoboro Community Project.

Together we can get it done!

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"It's time our community gave our children a place they can be proud of, a complex that supports teams sports on quality fields along with a community center that offers a place for them to safely meet and have fun!"

~Debra McClean, Coach and Parent