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Come to Waldoboro, Maine
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A celebration of the arts in midcoast Maine

Saturday, August 18, 2012

About Waldoboro, Maine

Located in mid-coast, on U.S. Route 1, Waldoboro is nestled astride the historic Medomak River valley. Founded in 1773, Waldoboro and the Medomak River claim a history steeped in both nautical and commercial heritage.

Originally named Waldoborough, after General Samuel Waldo, the Town was incorporated from the plantation known as Broad Bay. Waldoboro was a major New England shipbuilding and shipping center from the late 1700's to the early 1900's. Over 600 sailing vessels were built within one half mile of the village center. The common type of vessel built in Waldoboro was the schooner or "coaster". Other types of vessels built in Waldoboro were brigs, barks, ships, brigantines and sloops. Many of the largest vessels were sold to prominent trading firms that used them in international commerce with Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia.

The Palmer Fleet were the last and largest vessels ever built in Waldoboro. These massive five masted schooners drew wide press coverage and crowds at their launchings. The last schooner; the Harward Palmer, weighing 2400 tons was launched in 1904 by George Welt. Its launching was heralded as the end of the "Great Days" in Waldoboro's shipbuilding history.

Today, Waldoboro is the largest town in Lincoln County, and still has a very successful fishing industry. In fact, the Medomak River provides some of the best clam flats along the coast of Maine.

For the artist, Waldoboro provides great vistas of the River, Meetinghouse Cove, The Narrows and more, along with rolling hills, and historic buildings and homes.

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