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The Waldoboro Community Project

Construction Update

Week 6 - August 11-15, 2008

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Warm and dry weather is back, and work continues to move ahead at an excellent pace. The crew from Crooker & Sons continues to move significant amounts of sand and loam to begin setting the field levels.

We begin at the Miller School side of the site again. The work continues to carve the road and harvest loam.

After the recent rains, the crew is pumping out the area where the second under soil filter will be located.

This view is from the bus road outside of Miller School, it gives you an idea of the amount of loam being used to level the fields. Notice the worker below the excavator for a height reference, and this only one of three loam piles!

As we move around the complex to the southeast corner, we have a view of the parking lot and the stone retaining wall. You will notice the drier appearance. Also you can see some of the sand that is being used as a drainage layer on the fields.

Here is an updated photo of the “detail” view of the Little League Field’s rock retaining wall.

Here is a detail view of the 3 layers of soil used for the fields. The bottom layer is compacted clay, followed by a sand layer for drainage, and finally a loam layer for the grass.

We end this week’s tour with this photo showing a wider view of the entire area. You can see how much loan has already been spread on the fields. The crew is working with a goal of having the area ready for the landscaper in the last week of August, and then they will hydro-seed the site.

See you in a couple weeks. In the meantime, be a part of this history-making project! Donate during the Heading for Home Challenge.

Every dollar you donate is matched, which means if you give $1.00 it becomes $2.00!

You can donate by mail or at any of Waldoboro’s great community banks, who are generously helping the Foundation during this fundraising campaign.

Remember, if you donate $25.00 you are automatically entered into a raffle to win 4 tickets to the New England Patriots – St. Louis Rams football game on Sunday, October 26. The deadline for donations to qualify for the ticket raffle is Saturday, September 8, 2008.

This prize also includes a limousine ride from your home to the game and return. You get NFL action, and you travel in style through the support of Country Coach Charters of Maine, Nobleboro, Maine.

This week the donations have topped $20,000 including the match! Small donations are making this possible. Thank you for keeping up-to-date on the Waldoboro Recreation Complex, and for your donation to make this project a reality!